Hi! I'm Jamie, a pansexual 4th year Chem major/Math minor. Interests may include, but are not limited to: KevEdd, OFF, Loki, cats, cosplays, romance-y adorableness, derping around, yaoi, girly stuff, and the like. Feel free to message me with questions or just to chat it up. :)

I play Animal Crossing New Leaf. My FC is 1521-2741-1738. Feel free to add me.

~My art blog: www.RainyArtz.tumblr.com~

this is happening. :)

my sister, Rachael, as The Batter

me as Zacharie. :) Rachael helped me creepify the masks :)

more to come!

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    aw yes, can’t wait for my batter cosplay to come together (This is Rachael btdubs). FInding a black pinstripe baseball...
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